I am bursting to tell you news. Just had a phone call from Houston Texas! Yes one of those phone calls that I just love. Only trouble was I was not at home but the answer machine took the message so I can listen to it over and over. Only other trouble was the woman did not tell me the actual news...just that she has some. She left her number but by the time I was home wanting to return her call, it was after midnight in Houston so now I have to wait 8 hours and 14 minutes before I can ring her, so that's why I am keeping myself busy.

OK So now its 1am and I rang her!!! wahoooooooooooo

My entry into the Houston competition Festival Gallery of Art Quilts is a art category with a theme and this years theme is Traditions with a set size of 125cm square so I went with a cultural tradition of this mighty fine country that we should not be too proud of........"Cutting Down the Tall Poppies". I painted a group of tall poppies in pretty pastel shades on a graded jade green backdrop and in amongst there stems are little black figures. The viewer does not see them at first, as you look at the pretty poppies and then you see them and think...hang on a minute, what is going on...the little pint size figures are sawing and cutting ans snipping and axing and chain sawing and digging and even using a TNT bomb to Cut Down the Tall Poppies! the background is filled with my insane extreme free-motion machine quilting madness....it was so fun to do and it looks just how I planned. Well guess what? It came 2nd ...yeah yeah yeah....is quite an honour with only 22 in the world selected and I win a trip to Houston and Hilton accommodation and royal treatment...wahoooo I love quilting  I love quilting!  I was planning on going anyway of course cos I am teaching there this year so they reimburse the expenses...wahoooo. This is my 4th trip i have won...so happy! Absolutely only bummer is.....can't show u a picture...not allowed...you gotta wait...complete bummer! A few of you have seen this piece as I shared it at a few classes and retreats in the few months before it had to be sent to USA, the lucky ducks but otherwise I am sorry but you just gotta wait.....wahoo...so excited...thanks for listening to me!

"Cutting Down the Tall Poppies" and has all the same kinda quilting patterns as above, if you can see them, in my "Galloping Wild and Free" which won the AQC themed challenge 2013. As soon as I can release the image of Poppies, I will blog it proud!

What a week...off to Dubai on Sunday!



0 #2 Cathie 2013-09-09 08:12
Congratulations !!!! How absolutely awesome for you and Australia!!!! You are so wonderfully talented and a down to earth Aussie, keep up the good work.
0 #1 Salley 2013-09-05 07:14
Oh that is so exciting! Congratulations Congratulations !

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