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hello Everyone
Ineka has done it again!
She has been selected as the ACT finalist for her age group in Doodle 4 Google!
the prizes are great for the school including $10 000 of IT and a trip to Antarctica for a teacher. Ineka could win $1000 IT and glory!
She made it to National Age winner in 2011 so we hope she can do it again!
Please go to and vote...ideally for Ineka's please. Voting is open for 2 weeks only. Please forward this to everyone you know who would be interested or bribed! There are 4 age groups so pick your fav in each but in the year 7 - 8 group,  I really hope you like the Octopus exploring the 7 seas the best!
Thank you from Ineka and from Inekas highschool.
please pass this to friends of friends of neighbours of random people everywhere!
Helen Godden - proud mother of Ineka Voigt


0 #1 Rowena 2013-11-15 01:30
Your daughter's google entry was fabulous, really talented just like her Mum!
I have just watched your DVD from Quilters Companion and loved your take on Baltomore quilts so I thought I'd come and have a look at your shop.

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