Book is Back In Stock

Yes My Book is BACK IN STOCK - 50 Styles of Quilting - Beyond Missionary Stippling!

It has one typo that manged to be corrected for the first print run but revisited the second print run??? In years to come historians will be able to identify 1st editions from 2nd editions! but I like the typo and think I will keep it. My book has 20 videos embedded in to the text via the magic of a free app called Aurasma for your ipad and iphone and the like. On the cover in the description I have typed "imbedded" ooppps but now I think I like the reference to the "i" as in iphone and ipad...I am just so hip and cool with technology baby!

Long way of saying - feel free to order my book - it is back in stock and I shall bring some to Brisbane next week teaching at Pleasuresew and Sewco - see u there.

PS International folks - I am investigating creating an e book so you can pay and down load the book yourself and avoid postage - shall keep you posted.


+2 #2 Ann Craig 2014-01-09 04:49
An e book would be perfect! I was going to order it but am in the USA!
0 #1 Stephanie Walker 2013-12-15 21:06
Just love your 50 Styles of Quilting - and how cool is Aurasma - just love it :>)

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